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As in definitiona cyber range is a virtual environment that is used for cyberwarfare training and cybertechnology development. It provides tools that help strengthen the stability, security and performance of cyber infrastructures and IT systems used in Industry 4.0 and beyond.

Cyber ranges function like shooting or kinetic ranges, facilitating training in weapons, operations or tactics. Thus, cyberwarriors and IT professionals employed by various agencies train, develop and test cyber range technologies to ensure consistent operations and readiness for real world deployment.

World list of similar Cyber Ranges:

CYBERWISER.eu (Building on a 3-year legacy brought by its predecessor WISER, aims to become the EU’s reference, authoritative, independent cyber range platform for professional training. CYBERWISER.eu will provide a simulated environment to create cyber incident and cyber attacks scenarios where both students and IT professionals evolve their skills and continuously evaluate their performance, getting ready for future real attack episodes.)

Regent University - Institute for Cybersecurity (The Regent University Institute for Cybersecurity is disrupting and transforming the cyber defense industry with world-class training featuring a state-of-the-art cyber simulation platform. Whether it’s high-impact instructor-led cybersecurity training, executive workshops or cyber degree programs, Regent delivers.)

Virginia Cyber Range (The Virginia Cyber Range is a Commonwealth of Virginia initiative with a mission to enhance cybersecurity education for students in the Commonwealth’s public high schools, colleges, and universities.  The Virginia Cyber Range seeks to increase the number of fully prepared students entering the cybersecurity workforce in operations, development, and research.)

The Michigan Cyber Range (The Michigan Cyber Range aims to strengthen Michigan’s cyber defenses by mitigating the growing number of cyber threats and providing a more secure environment that promotes economic development. This can be accomplished by nurturing a cybersecurity industry that leverages Michigan’s unique advantages, which include educational institutions, a large IT workforce, our manufacturing base and federal cooperation with the security industry.)

Below this text a virtual machine is running. Yes, it's a real Linux box, all is done by your own browser! You can check your CLI knowledge right now, you can try a couple of Unix commands or even implement your own x86 machine.